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 Champagne & Sparkling Wines

13.Prosécco Amori, Veneto Italy

A delicious sparkling wine made with a delicate and aromatic style,  a very popular style of fizz.

£6 125ml  / £25 bottle

14.Castell d’Olerdola Brut Reserva Cava, Catalonia Spain

Elegantly scented wine with great structure and  an expressive fruity finish.

£6 125ml  / £25 bottle

15.Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label , Champagne  

An alluring Champagne with vibrant and generous fruit with delicious biscuit character on the finish. 

£65 bottle

16.Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut, Champagne 

Salmon pink and full bodied, bursting with  summer berries and floral notes. 

£70 bottle




7. Ladera Verde Merlot

Central Valley,  Chile

A stunning scented Merlot brimming with plummy fruit flavour and a full and pleasing length and depth. Medium bodied, with velvety texture.

£3.60 125ml  /  £5 175ml  /  £6 250ml  /  £17 bottle  

8. Lautarul Pinot Noir

Banat,  Romania

Wonderful juicy fruit, reminiscent of cherries, are followed by some spicy notes. The finish is soft, round and velvety with hints of eucalyptus. 

£4 125ml  /  £5.50 175ml  /  £6.50 250ml  /  £19 bottle

9. Las Pampas Malbec

Mendoza,  Argentina

Rich ripe fruit aroma with plum, black cherry and blackcurrant supported by chocolate and violet on a long, subtly spicy finish. 

£4.75 125ml  /  £6.50 175ml  /  £7.50 250ml  /  £22 bottle  

10. Arjona Tinto

Rioja, Spain

The aroma is open and fruity with light touches of vanilla and other spices. Charming and velvety smooth. 

£6.00 125ml  /  £7.20 175ml  /  £9.75 250ml  /  £26 bottle

11. Carlomagno Appasimento Primitivo

Puglia, Southern Italy

Made by crushing partially dried grapes which has the effect of super concentration of dark winter berries, plum and cocoa.

£7 125ml  /  £8.50 175ml  /  £10 250ml  /  £28 bottle

12. Château Tour Bel Air Montagne  

St-Émilion, Bordeaux, France

A wine with a soft and approachable character. Plummy fruit with hints of darker berry finished with hints of leather and earth.

£8.00 125ml  /  £9.00 175ml  /  £12.00 250ml  /  £32 bottle






Franschhoek, South Africa
The Cape's favourite white grape. Citrus flavours abound with a hint of peach.

£3.60 125ml  /  £5 175ml  /  £6 250ml  /  £17 bottle  

2. Plaimont Colombard

Côtes de Gascogne,  France

Gently aromatic and deliciously light on the palate with flavours of green apple along with savoury herbal notes and a dry spice finish.  

£4 125ml  /  £5.50 175ml  /  £6.50 250ml  /  £19 bottle

3. Amanti del Vino Pinot Grigio

Piedmont, Italy

Light and dry with fresh fruit flavour and character,  a wine with soft hints of pears and apricots.

£4.50 125ml  /  £6 175ml  /  £7 250ml  /  £21 bottle  

4. Rowlands Brook Chardonnay

South East Australia

Delicious melon and tropical fruit flavours make for an  enticingly well balanced wine with a good body and subtle finish.

£4.75 125ml  /  £6.5 175ml  /  £7.5 250ml  /  £22 bottle  

5. Bagordi Blanco

Rioja,  Spain

Tropical aromas with hints of citrus and pineapple notes   which carry through to a clean palate with a creamy finish. 

£6 125ml  /  £7.2 175ml  /  £9.75 250ml  /  £26 bottle

6. Little Beauty Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough,  New Zealand

Gooseberry and fresh green apple consume the nose and are joined by mango and pineapple with a refreshing mineral quality on the finish. 

£7 125ml  /  £8.5 175ml  /  £10 250ml  /  £28 bottle




17.Foxcover White Zinfandel, California America                    

A delicious medium pink wine with hints of fresh strawberries and summer fruits. 

£4.00 125ml  /  £5.50 175ml  /  £6.50 250ml  /  £19 bottle  

18.Dea De Mare Pinot Grigio Blush, Northern Italy

Pale salmon-pink in colour. This is a dry rosé which is light in body  with delicious hints of summer fruits. 

£4.50 125ml  /  £6 175ml  /  £7 250ml  /  £21 bottle

19.Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rosé, Pfalz Germany