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ITALIAN Champagne & Sparkling Wines

Prosecco Amori, Veneto

Pale light yellow colour, with fine and elegant bubbles which create a soft yet refreshing mouth feel. The fruit is delicate with a slightly aromatic nose which harmonises beautifully on the palate. Excellent as an aperitif but also wonderful with white fish and shellfish.

Asti Spumante Ca'Solare, Piedmont

Light, bright and fruity with greater sweetness than champagne.

Franciacorta Milledi Brut, Lombardy

A very attractive and delicate sparkling wine. Soft and persistent with subtle hints of white flowers on the aroma and notes of dried nuts. Lively on the palate with delicate citrus fruits and an apple like character on the finish.
£45/ 8

Prosecco Superiore Millesimato, Bepin de Eto, Congellano Valobbiadene, Veneto

Apple, pear, and peach fruit on the nose, lifted by delicate floral notes of rose petals and acacia blossoms. The palate is both sweet and smooth leading to a finish ennobled with a hint of fresh greens.

Marzemino Frizzante, Cantina Montelliana, Veneto

An excellent semi sparkling red which is very intense on both the nose and palate with a summer berry character.




125ML / 175ML/ 250ML / BOTTLE

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Taverna Nova, Roxan
A vibrant, deep-purple colour. This wine displays rich, luscious cherry fruit with a warm, lingering finish.
3.8 /5.3 / 6.8/ 18.

Chianti Classico, Geografico
From the heart of the Chianti region with plenty of the cherry fruit character that is the calling card of wines made there. What sets it apart is the cleanness of the ripe fruit and violet notes that combine for a velvety smooth experience. 
4.8 / 6.4 / 9.6 / 24.

Lenotti Rosso Passo
A soft, medium bodied red with classic Italian flavours of sour cherries and plums. The tannins are velvety in the mouth and lead to a pleasing finish.
4.2 / 5.6 / 7.5 / 20.

Miopasso Nero d'Avola, Sicily
Concentrated aromas of pepper, spice and fresh rosemary give way to sweet cherry, black fruits and mixed spice in the mouth. Mild tannin and well balanced fruits.
4.2 / 5.6 / 7.5 / 20.

Carlomagno Appasimento Primitivo
This wine is made by crushing partially dried grapes which has the effect of making the juice super concentrated. The result is a wine with intense aromas of bark winter berries, plum, and cocoa. Great with a rich red meat dish.
3.8 / 5.3 / 6.8 / 18.

Valpolicella Classico Ripasso, Giuseppe Lonardi
Excellent depth of colour and a pronounced bouquet. Lovely, ripe fruit on the palate with a refined, elegant finish.
7.2 / 9.6 / 14. / 35

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, Giuseppe Lonardi
Deep concentrated aromas of dark chocolate and spice. Full and well balanced with a rich, warm, silky texture.
9. / 11.8 / 16. / 45.

Taurasi Villa Raiano
Aromas of red berries, cocoa, and minty tobacco. In the mouth, blackberry and mulberry fruits marry with soft tannins. A pleasurable drink crying out to be matched with food, especially game, red meat and tomato based dishes.
9.5 / 13. /18.5 / 50.

Barolo, Manfredi
A classic Italian red. A deep, intense and concentrated wine with a fine scented bouquet.
8. / 10.80 /15. / 40.




125ML / 175ML/ 250ML / BOTTLE

Pinot Grigio Amanti del Vino
Pinot Grigio from Northern Italy. With its floral character, this wine is crisp, refreshing and unoaked, making it perfect for drinking before or during any meal.
3.8 / 5.3 / 6.8 / 18.

Pecorino Caparrone, Collline Pescaresi
One of Italy's most interesting and fashionable varieties. Floral stone fruit and citrus aromas lead on to a palate with fresh peach notes backed by a textural minerality, nutty character and crisp freshness.
4.2 / 5.6 / 7.5 / 20.

Frascati, Terre dei Pallavicini
A straw-coloured wine, with gold-green reflections, a delicate aroma that is slightly fruity and floral, dry, fresh elegant and medium bodied.
3.8 /5.3 / 6.8 / 18.

Verdicchio Classico, Pontemagno
Crisp and refreshing with a rich body that sets it apart from the rest. Delicious stone fruit character supported by subtle nuttiness.
3.8 / 5.3 / 6.8 / 18.

Gavi di Gavi, del Commune Manfredi
A very well balanced wine that has plenty of peach fruit favour that combines elegantly with a dry finish to bring great balance.
4.8 / 6.4 / 9.6 / 24.

Miopasso Fiano, Sicily
Refreshingly crisp and gentle honey fragrance. Fresh citrus zest and yellow stone fruit flavours integrate gracefully.
4.6 / 6.4 / 9.6 / 24.




125ML / 175ML/ 250ML / BOTTLE

Dea del Mare Pinot Grigio Blush, Northern Italy

A classic dry white from Northern Italy. This wine is soft refreshing with a hint of florality on the nose and palate and a hint of sweetness on the finish.